"Bridge" orgnization for development and relief holds a sports course in the "Abu Ghraib" district

Bridge” orgnization has set up a football tournament for the popular teams in (Al Zaidan ) district of Abu Ghraib district, west of Baghdad.
The organization said in a statement: This initiative comes within the framework of a campaign aimed at the youth in the district , in order to invest the energies of sports and to reveal the creative levels of young people.
The tournament will include 16 teams of sports teams in the district and will last for two months.
One of the young participants said that this initiative is a good and new step for the youth of the region. The organization came in a timely manner as the young people in the region lack the resources it needs to organize and encourage them.He called on government agencies to provide suitable places and playgrounds for football.
The participants expressed their thanks and gratitude to the organization and considered it a new initiative of its kind in the district .
The district of Abu Ghraib is located west of Baghdad. It is one of the largest districts in the capital and the most important one. It connects the city of Baghdad with the city of Fallujah to the west, and the Karma district from the north-west and the Redwaniyah from the south-west.